Persian Arsa

Persian Arsa was founded in 2010 by three young professional entrepreneurs that graduated in biomedical engineering.

The company is growing up rapidly to become one of the main suppliers for medical devices in Iran market.

Based on the necessity of improving public health Persian Arsa started its journey with the slogan “Medical services for all people”.
The company is known as a reliable partner in the Iranian medical equipment market by using specialized, young, and educated personnel in the field of medical and medical engineering.

Persian Arsa generates a professional and loyal team by modern management, observing ethical principles, and respecting human resources. to increase market share and provide better services to consumers, the company is setting up high tech production lines with the help of its foreign partners.

Major current and future objectives include:

  1. Establishment and development of R&D department.
  2. Introduction and production of standardized disposable medical equipment with the best quality.
  3. Make the service more efficient.

Let us know if you have any ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Thank you

Board of managers