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“laparoscopic gallbladder surgery VS open surgery”

In general, gallbladder surgery is performed in two ways, open and laparoscopic.

In the open method, skin incisions are usually made to remove the gallbladder and stones under the ribs on the right.

In laparoscopic method, several small holes of about 1-1 / 5 cm are made in the skin of the abdomen and the surgery is performed in this way.

Now we want to compare these two methods from different angles:


Cut rate

Laparoscopic surgery has a limited incision compared to open surgery. As a result, the person does not suffer much pain.


Adhesion complication

Adhesion is one of the problems that may occur after open surgery, but in laparoscopy, because the abdomen does not open, it is not exposed to ambient air and the body tissue does not come into contact with the equipment used during the operation, so There is much less adhesion.


Hospitalization and recovery period

In open surgery, due to the large incision on the limb, the recovery period is much longer than laparoscopic surgery. In other words, wound healing in open surgery takes a long time.

In laparoscopic method, the patient can be discharged after a few hours or a maximum of one day, the patient is hospitalized and the patient can return to normal daily activities after a week.

While in the open surgery method, the hospital stay is 3 days and complete recovery after the operation may take up to 6 months.


Possibility of infection after surgery

In laparoscopy, the wound is smaller than in open surgery and the patient’s immune system is less disturbed, so the patient heals faster and the wound infection is less.


Doctor’s field of vision

In open surgery, the inside of the abdomen does not light up as well as laparoscopy, and because the organs are stacked on top of each other, many tissues may not be clearly visible, but these problems do not exist on laparoscopy.


Duration of surgery

One of the disadvantages of laparoscopic surgery is its long duration. This surgery will often take longer than open surgery, but the surgeon’s skill in this regard can also help speed up the surgical process.

The question that arises is that given the many advantages of laparoscopic surgery over gallbladder open surgery, can all patients use this method for treatment?

In fact, laparoscopic surgery is not recommended for some patients because the gas in the body during surgery may be dangerous for heart and respiratory patients.

Laparoscopy does not cause any problems for people who do not have any special problems, are healthy and at the right age (under 60).